Vitae, a medicine brand inspired by life

The name of our own bioequivalent generics brand, "vitae", means "life" in Latin. Thus our brand is another way of expressing Vitae's brand soul and a statement of hope for every patient who holds our medicine on his or her hands. 

When a patient is diagnosed with a disease, a number of factors play critical roles in his or her recovery. On the one hand the health system. This involves the services and treatments included in its social welfare and the availability of hospitals, as well as access to medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and therapists. On the other hand the pharmaceutical industry. The effectiveness, safety and affordability of the right medical treatment is key. This is only one side of recovery, though.

The emotional side, the fact that the patient actually believes he will overcome the disease, is also crucial. The urge to live and the will to fight unquestionably contribute to the patient's recovery. In other words : human spirit of overcoming.

That's why for Vitae, the human spirit of overcoming and the love and support of family and friend, along with best medical treatment at an affordable price, pave the way for recovery.

Our Tone

We are committed to life

People and patients are at the heart of all of our activities.

We strive to run a socially responsible business and we believe in sustainability. That's why Vitae aims for a clear, easy-to-understand, honest, warm and positive, but realistic approach to communication. We want to establish a completely different brand in the category: a brand that is human and close to people ; a brand that always tries to understand the patient and inspire him or her through hope.

We express these values through the use of handwritten typefaces, warms colours and inspiring messages, photographs and drawings.

Our Soul

Believe in the spirit of overcoming

We express the soul of our brand through many different assets, but the most important one is our corporate tagline.

"Believe in life" embodies our mission : helping patients prevent and overcome disease. That's why the tagline is clearly addressed to them. It is a direct call to action to patients, their families and friends.

Believing in life means having a positive attitude and hope, which along with the right medical treatment can help cure or stabilize the disease.

Our Naming Structure

Brand Recognition

Our generics names are composed of the first two syllables of the active ingredient and our mother brand "vitae" in an easy-to-remember naming structure that helps doctors recognize and remember our brand.

The human element is always part of our idea that's why we use handwritten typeface for "vitae. 

Our Packaging Inspiration

Hope on every box

The inspiration for our packaging and logo comes from a true symbol of hope: the sunrise.

Night represents disease; daylight stands for health. The sunrise means starting over, overcoming, recovery. That's why we represent the sunrise graphically on all our drug boxes.

GalenicumVitae's logo has the same meaning as Galenicum's logo: The lower part of it is not visible because it represents the sun at sunrise, and, in turn, the spirit of overcoming. 

Our Product Classification

Important Meaning Behind the Colours 

Our colour code for medicine and other health-related products is essential to differentiating between therapeutic categories.

Yet there's also an important meaning behind the colours. If there is light, there is hope. Colours are created by light, and therefore they represent overcoming and recovery.

When patients hold a Vitae product in their hands, they will then easily understand from the colour code how to identify the therapeutic group to which the medicine belongs. For example blue for "Respiratory" and red for "Cardiovascular".

Our Homo Galenicum

Therapeutic Classification System

Our classification system for the different therapeutic areas is inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci's 'Vitruvian Man' and the ATC (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical) classification system defined by WHO (World Health Organization), creating our 'Homo Galenicum'.

This 'Homo Galenicum' is a concept that offers the opportunity to visualize the 14 therapeutic areas through the human body. 


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